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Hi travel inspiration!

Hi North, zipline og via ferrata

Do you have any summer memories that stuck with you? Memories that make you smile, laugh, or talk about again and again? THAT is the feeling we love to share with our visitors to Helgeland. We call it “Hi summer moments” and guarantee it to all that travel with us.

In the north you can enjoy late nights under the midnight sun surrounded by mountains or islands or be filled with adrenaline while rafting down clean fresh rivers. Taste the sweetness of cloudberries while walking through untouched and wild nature, and eat delicious food made by local produce and traditions. How would you like to spend your summer? We know Helgeland and would love to help you put together a program or package.

Awesome activities leaves unforgettable memories!

Hi Helgelandstrappa

In Mosjøen you will find one of Norway`s greatest sherpa steps- Helgelandstrappa. With its 3 000 steps you are on your way to the top of the 818 metre Øyfjellet. After your hike, you can enjoy refreshments in the beautiful and historic “Sjøgata” in the city centre.

Hi full package

Enjoy the full experience by walking the sherpa steps «Helgelandstrappa», then move on to climbing the via ferrata, end enjoy the descent by riding through the air above the river «Vefsna» on the 700 meter zipline to Mosjøen city centre. A safe but wicked adventure that gives you a great sense of accomplishment and fun!

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Hi respect!

This activity/package is marked with our sustainability symbol as we make conscious choices to reduce emissions and minimise impact on the environment and nature. We are actively working on all the dimensions of sustainability, read more about this here.

Hi North Nordlys

Northern lights hunting