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Crossing the arctic circle

Hi respect!

This activity/package is marked with our sustainability symbol as we make conscious choices to reduce emissions and minimise impact on the environment and nature. We are actively working on all the dimensions of sustainability, read more about this here.

Hi North Crossing the arctic circle
Hans Petter Sørensen / FarOutFocus
Hans Petter Sørensen / FarOutFocus
Hi North Øyfjellgrotta - cave exploring
Terje Rakke / Visit Helgeland
Støtt Brygge


  • Check-in at 15.00 at Thon Hotel Nordlys on the quayside in Bodø. With a strikingly beautiful nature and several exciting nature activities both on land, sea and mountains, Bodø is an exciting destination. The city also has a rich cultural life and several exciting restaurants and museums.

    Departure RIB to Saltstraumen with sea eagle safari at 17.00 or 18.00. Experience Saltstraumen at its best. Explore Salten takes you to the world’s strongest current. We adapt the departure time according to the conditions. Including.

    Breakfast and packed lunch included.

  • Suggestions for things to do in Bodø before departure RIB to Saltstraumen, before departure to Støtt on day 2 or after arrival in Bodø on day 7.

    The flight package at the Norwegian Aviation Museum. One ticket – two experiences! Experience and explore the Nordic region’s largest aircraft collection and try your hand as a pilot.
    Stormen Konserthus maintains top international quality and daily activities in the house include everything from large rock concerts, classical masterpieces, theater productions and dance.
    The Jektefartsmuseet is located in a spectacular landscape, in Lake Bodø, just outside the center of Bodø.
    Arctic coastal walk. Experience “outdoor living” – the Nordic concept of getting outdoors. Enjoy a taste of Norwegian tradition as you navigate the elements. Discover Norway’s history from the Stone Age to the present day and see incredible wildlife.
    The Emperor’s Ward. Easy hike.

    Drive, cycle or walk to Maskinisten approx. 3.8 km from the city centre. On a windy day, you can seek shelter in the gap hut “Kværmannsbu” at the top of the mountain. This is a nice rest area with a great view of the sea. With public transport you can get here with bus 3 from Bodø center to Maskinisten bus stop, several departures daily, 15 minute journey (not Sunday). Buses 100, 200, 300 towards Bodø have a transfer to bus 3 at City Nord.

    All local buses are free with Travel Pass

  • Bodø – Støtt

    Departure with the speedboat at 16.15 from Sentrumsterminalen to Støtt. Arrival Support 17.25.

    Støtt is a unique trading post from the 19th century, run by the same family for five generations. Here you sleep majestically, in peace and quiet, at the Bakeriet. Florlette lace curtains and duvets give you a gentle embrace when you enter the room. Restaurant Gammelbutikken is brimming with ramshackle coastal culture and historical treasures. Traditional local ingredients form the basis for culinary experiences, with carefully selected wines as a result.

    The fishing museum is located on the floor above the old shop. Golden stories from Støtt and Nordland’s heyday ooze coastal culture. The Espolin Johnsen family’s private collection “The Last Viking” adorns the walls and contributes dramatically to coastal history.

    “Støttværet” is a fishing village somewhere along the coast near the fishing grounds where the fishermen can live on land while fishing. In the past, all fishing villages had kilns for drying fish. Støtt still has fish on the stove and serves the result in the restaurant.

    Breakfast is included.

    We are happy to book a table for you at Gammelbutikken for dinner and lunch. This is not included.

  • Støtt – Sandnessjøen (Crossing the arctic circle)

    The day is perfect for a stroll on the island. There are hardly any cars here, and a special tranquility lies between the islets. Rent a bike or take a guided walk or guided kayak trip. These options can be added but are not included. Departure with the speedboat at 17.25. Arrival at Sandnessjøen at 21.20. Bring a book and a camera. The changing light, all year round, makes the trip an experience. It’s hard to take your eyes off the landscape outside the windows. Myken, Rødøy, Træna and Lovund are out there, each with its own unique history. The Arctic Circle is crossed at the islet Vikingen. In Sandnessjøen, you sleep at Scandic. The hotel is named after the fabled mountain range De Syv Søstre. You eat dinner at the hotel’s restaurant or in town. This is not included. Breakfast and packed lunch included.

  • Island “jumping” to Herøy, Seløy and Dønna

    Alternative 1. After breakfast your electric bike is ready, today the islands of Herøy and Dønna are visited for fantastic photo opportunities.

    Ferry from Sandnessjøen to Bjørn on Dønna, from here the cycle tour goes south to beautiful Seløy. Here there is the opportunity to join a rib trip to disused fishing villages and learn about the history of the Helgeland coast. Furthermore, a visit to Skolo is recommended, before the trip continues to Herøy. Here you can visit the village museum and Herøy Church from the Middle Ages.

    From Herøy’s beautiful coves and small bridges you look across to all seven Sisters, who proudly tower along the fjord. The last leg goes by ferry from Herøyholmen to Søvik. Here you cycle under the majestic mountain range before returning to Sandnessjøen.

    Alternative 2. Cycle ride to the starting point for a hike on one of the Seven Sisters. Here you can go up between Skjerdingen and Tvillingen and thus reach the top of the 3 sisters on the same day. You can also go up to Breitinden, which is the smallest of the sisters. Here you can take off and walk the Storrunden if you don’t want to go all the way to the top. You get a magnificent view anyway.

    Breakfast and packed lunch included.

  • Sandnessjøen – Mosjøen

    There is a bus departure from Sandnessjøen at 11.45. Arrival at Mosjøen at 12.50 p.m.

    The trip goes over the steepest Helgelandsbrua and through a lush cultural landscape. The bus stops within walking distance of the hotel. In Mosjøen, you stay at Fru Haugans Hotel, Northern Norway’s oldest hotel located at the end of beautiful Sjøgata. The hotel has been run and owned by women for five generations since 1885, and here you will be well looked after for two days. Check-in at 15.

    After lunch, you change into casual clothes and good shoes. On Øya, you will be met by experienced guides, and together you will walk a short distance up the Helgelandstrappa (Sherpa stairs). The trip ends with you flying over the river in a zipline! The experience is included in the package.

    You can also go underground in Øyfjellgrotta. Experienced guides give it the right clothing and take it safely through the wonders of nature. Not included.

    Breakfast and packed lunch included.

  • Mosjøen – Bodø (Crossing the arctic circle)

    The day starts quietly with a historic walk in idyllic Sjøgato. The street is like a living history book, and a delight for the camera lens, and is Northern Norway’s longest preserved wooden building. If you want a little extra trip, Marsøra on the other side of the river is a great departure area.

    Breakfast and packed lunch included.

    Walk or taxi to the train station. Departure by train at 13.20. Arrival Bodø 17.44

    The Nordlandsbanen is a spectacular train line that crosses the Arctic Circle at Saltfjellet, and passes some of the most beautiful Norwegian nature has to offer.

    Add a day to the program at one of the stops? We’ll fix that!

  • Add a day to the program at one of the stops? We’ll fix that!

    Before returning home, Bodø has a lot to offer. See under “alternative day 1 or 2”. It is worth visiting Kjerringøy, a gem on the Nordland coast. A unique coastal landscape with clean-cut mountains and shining white sandy beaches, agricultural villages with active farming and the historic Kjerringøy Trading Company.

    Bodø is the European capital of culture in 2024.