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Hi respect!

This activity/package is marked with our sustainability symbol as we make conscious choices to reduce emissions and minimise impact on the environment and nature. We are actively working on all the dimensions of sustainability, read more about this here.

Hi North Crossing the arctic circle

Crossing the arctic circle

Join us outside in adventures and discoveries you’ll never forget! What about throwing yourself out on the longest and most spectacular zipline in the north, climbing the world’s northernmost Via Ferrata, descending yourself into a pre-historic cave, driving a snowmobile through an arctic winter landscape full of incredible views, or walking over a glacier, to mention a few?

Hi adrenalin!
When you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Hi safety

When travelling with us, you always feel safe and comfortable. Your safety and security are of the outmost importance, and our guides are trained to take care of you and adapt the activity to your level, no matter what your needs are.