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Hi respect!

This activity/package is marked with our sustainability symbol as we make conscious choices to reduce emissions and minimise impact on the environment and nature. We are actively working on all the dimensions of sustainability, read more about this here.

Hi North Nordlys

Northern lights hunting

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Hi adrenaline!

I the middle of beautiful and spectacular surroundings – full of hiking-trails and discoveries! We know the areas and plan the best adventures. Our goal is to hear your joyous laugh and see your smile appear when you pushed your boundaries and succeeded.

Hi meetings to remember!

Who do you want to create memories with? Anyone you want to spend more time with? A partner, friends, colleagues, or your family? We create the best packages tailored to your every need, full of adventures and moments, bringing you all together. Together with us, everyone will feel safe, empowered, and exited.

Hi crossing the arctic circle!

Our exiting and unique new round-trip «Crossing the arctic circle» is coming soon. Join us on a magical trip around the arctic circle, over high mountains and one of the world’s most stunning coastlines. Don`t be surprised if you during winter see the northern light dance over the sky, and the midsummer sun keeping you up all night.

Stay tuned for online booking of this special trip, where you can pick and choose from many different activities and upgrades, to make this the experience of a lifetime!

During the next weeks and months, you will find new packages and round-trips popping up on our website. Looking for something special? Reach out to us and we will tailor something just for you.


Hi respect!

At Hi North, sustainability is not only a word, it’s a main part of our vision: Hi Now, Hi Future. With every part of our organisation, we think about our planets well-being and how we can influence others in making better choices.

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