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Ready for the cold winter in Norway?

Bring your friends or colleagues to the amazing winter landscape and untouched nature in northern Norway. Share the moments and strengthen the bonds on an adventure on Helgeland!

We will help you save time and money.


Looking for a getaway to a winter wonderland? We have the adventures for you! Snowmobile Safari, dog sledding, snowshoes walking or skiing. We will combine adventures with the best accommodation for you.

The weekend package: Winter Adventure

Discover the winter adventure on Helgeland together! Create memorable experiences together in this winter wonderland. Good memories are always treasured the most with others.

The program:

Day 1

We will welcome you to the winter wonderland! The adventure is kick-started with a social evening by the campfire on a Wilderness evening. Delicious food, good stories and a cozy tent will be ready for you.

If you are lucky, you might see the northern lights here as well!


Day 2

After breakfast, we will get you transported to the activity of the day. First, you will get to great the dogs and learn how the owners prepare for a dog sledding expedition. After that, you will get to try dog sledding in pairs of two! We will finish off the activity with lunch and conversations by the campfire.

After lunch, we are increasing the tompo a bit! At Helgeland, we have miles of prepared snowmobile routes. You will have your very own snowmobile for the safari of the day! We will drive through woods, over frozen lakes and snow covered mountains. You don’t need any experience at all! After the activity, you will be dropped at your hotel before dinner awaits you

Day 3

Before you leave, we have the time to include another activity! The options are:

  • Snowshoes walking
  • Ice fishing
  • Team building activities
  • Skiing
  • Randonee
  • Historical walk in Sjøgata


Crossing Norway!

Why not take it all the way? An expedition awaits you when you arrive to Mosjøen. In this expedition, we will cross Norway, from fjord through the mountains and all the way to Sweden. This is an experience you will treasure forever! Included in the tour is experienced guides, snowmobiles, all the warm clothing you need, fuel and insurance. We will also spend the night at an amazing mountain farm, where you will have a 3-course dinner and breakfast.

Choose your adventure!

Hi North Topptur


We can take you out into the winter landscape on a ski trip to, for example, Rabothytta by the Okstind massif, or another shorter excursion on skis.

Hi North is one of the few operators who get permission to guide you on an expedition across the national park. With Børgefjell National Park as the tenderloin in our kingdom, we dare to say that we have unique opportunities for ski trips!

Snowmobile Safari

The Arctic Circle crosses Norway over Helgeland and is the border into the Arctic realm. Indre Helgeland is a fantastic and “undiscovered” winter adventure. Here you can drive a snowmobile for miles on marked scooter trails. A trail network that stretches through an exciting and varied landscape, everything from wooded hills and valleys to icy waters and high mountains. We have thought about the environment and have chosen the most environmentally friendly scooter that uses very little fuel (4-stroke). The scooters emit almost no smell, and you can enjoy the trip to the maximum with a shallow noise level! We drive through forests and preferably up into the mountain pass to enjoy the view.

Read more here!

Dog sleddig

We take you on a fantastic experience where you rush across the mountain landscape with the eager dogs’ enthusiasm to be in their element.

Dog sledding is a real wilderness experience far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. On the sled behind the dog team, it’s only you, your new friends; the dogs and the silence of the mountains. You hear the snow crunching, feel the wind on your face and a wonderful feeling when you breathe in the clean mountain air. The feeling of being at one with nature, beautiful surroundings and freedom is incredibly good. We stop and make coffee on a fire during the trip.

Read more here!

Snowshoes walking

Walk together through the snow-covered landscape with snowshoes – a completely different hiking experience! The trip goes through untouched nature and there are great chances of meeting reindeer, moose, hares and foxes. Snowshoeing is easy and requires no experience. You can take your time along the way, we enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature around us and share the moments. We set up the trip by agreement, either to a great viewpoint or a tour of Sjåmoen and with a stop in our lavvo for a hot meal.

Wilderness evening

Here you enjoy an atmospheric evening under the starry sky. Inside the lavvo it is warm and cozy, and the smell of venison stew is telling. The evening’s hosts gather you around the fire and serve a delicious meal with local ingredients. After the meal, the host willingly talks about local culture and history. There will be time for questions and good conversations. Outside, darkness has descended and perhaps you are lucky enough that the northern lights or the moon show us the way back to our transport into Mosjøen.

Read more here!

Ice fishing

Do you want an adventurous day of ice fishing? Helgeland has many beautiful and good fishing lakes easily accessible in winter. If you have a little patience, good and warm winter clothes, we give you a catch guarantee! Nothing is better than a freshly fried trout on the pan out on a walk. We go skiing, snowshoeing or riding snowmobiles. The starting point is from Sjåmoen, 15 minutes outside Mosjøen, but we can also take you on a longer trip with overnight stays! Contact us and we will put together the ultimate trip for you:

Send your request here!


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Hi respect!

This activity/package is marked with our sustainability symbol as we make conscious choices to reduce emissions and minimise impact on the environment and nature. We are actively working on all the dimensions of sustainability, read more about this here.

Hi North Crossing the arctic circle

Crossing the arctic circle