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The Trail Way

by the Arctic Circle

Tailor your dream journey along the Nordland Railway this summer

Experience a unique package tour designed for train enthusiasts like yourself! Begin the journey in Trondheim and choose from 6 distinct concepts along the majestic Nordland Railway. Create your dream vacation by combining the stops you wish to explore – a journey filled with memorable moments, delightful accommodations, and exquisite food awaits you!

The River Way – Trofors, Grane

Welcome to Trofors, in the heart of the river kingdom with The River Way! Experience adrenaline, local history, and the art of salmon fishing in the nourishing river, Vefsna. The package includes two nights at the charming Utpå Neset.

The Stair Way – Mosjøen

Explore the heart of Norway, a city known for its rich culture, history, and culinary experiences. Immerse yourself in the historic Sjøgata, climb the world’s longest continuous sherpa stairs with opportunities for ziplining, and enjoy a memorable stay at the oldest hotel in Northern Norway!

The Mountain Way – Rabothytta, Bjerka

Embark on a green and unforgettable journey to Norway’s most spectacular mountain cabin! Pick up your rental car, immerse yourself in local knowledge, culture, and gastronomy, and relish a fantastic mountain hike in the beautiful Okstindan nature and culture park.

The Sami Way – Mo i Rana

Experience Sami and North Norwegian cultural history and traditions at Storli Gård with Aernie. Stay in modern tent cabins by the river, enjoy high standards, and delve into the history, culture, and way of life of our ancestors. Learn the art of baking the Sami bread ‘laejpie’ and gain insight into their life in harmony with nature!

The Power Way – Mo i Rana

Experience Norway’s industrial capital in the north, steadily becoming greener and more sustainable in harmony with nature. In this forward-thinking community, you’ll gain an engaging insight into industry and technology through guided tours at Vitensenter Nordland, Helgeland Museum, Mo Industripark, and a dose of railway history with a delightful stay at Sure Hotel Ole Tobias, named after the founder of Nordlandsbanen.

The Geopoetic Way – Lønsdal

Experience the world through the poetry of each flower on The Geopoetic Way. Lønsdal invites you on a geopoetic journey filled with mystique, tragedy, geology, literature, and spectacular nature. Enjoy a comfortable stay at the traditional Norwegian wooden hotel, Storjord Hotell, where nature and culture converge to create memorable moments.

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