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The Mountain Way

by the roof of Northern Norway

Embark on a green and unforgettable journey to Norway’s most spectacular mountain cabin! Pick up your rental car, immerse yourself in local knowledge, culture, and gastronomy, and relish a fantastic mountain hike in the beautiful Okstindan.

From arrival at Bjerka station to picking up the rental car, conveniently waiting right by the station, your adventure unfolds through history and scenic beauty. At Bygdetunet, a curated exhibition awaits, guiding you through the story behind the man who inspired ‘Rabothytta.’ Taste local snacks and immerse yourself in the lifestyle of our ancestors. Next, embark on a fabulous journey through the lush Leirskarddalen, heading towards the majestic Okstindan.

Okstindan, a national treasure with endless adventure possibilities, is the destination. After a short drive, lace up your boots for a 2-3 hour hike up to Rabothytta. This spectacular cabin, owned by Hemnes Turistforening and awarded Norway’s finest unmanned cabin in 2020, sits 1200 meters above sea level at the foot of Okstindbreen. Staying at a DNT cabin is more than an accommodation; it’s a social and sustainable experience!

Included in the package are a premium train journey from Trondheim/Værnes to Bjerka and back, rental car, 2 nights at Norway’s coolest tourist cabin, Rabothytta, as well as 2 dinners, 3 lunches, and 2 breakfasts. Note: you have to buy your own food in the coffee/restaurant. Minimum 2 persons.

  • Day 1
    The journey begins with a train ride from Trondheim or Værnes. Onboard SJ’s train in the comfort car, the train journey takes you through a historically rich and naturally beautiful landscape along the Nordlandsbanen railway to Bjerka. ( Given a noticeable attention in one of BBC’s famous TV-series) .In the area you are about to enter, the local culture holds a strong presence. After picking up your car at Nordvik , Bjerka, located about 150 meters from the train station, your first stop is Bjerka Bygdetun. At the bygdetun, you will find a dedicated exhibition. Here, you are also invited to experience traditional baking, en enjoy the taste of,  the local specialty, kamkake. You will be served a lunch platter and provisions for the onward journey. The food is based on locally produced goods from Hemnes and Helgeland. You will prepare dinner yourself at Rabothytta.

    Rabothytta got its name from Norway national heroe Fridtjof Nansen’s good friend, the Frenchman Charles Rabot, who was one of the first climbers of Oksskolten Mountains in 1883, together with the Sami guide Klemet. At the exhibition, you can learn more about Rabot, Nansen, and Klemet, which will provide valuable insights and a greater understanding of the area where you will hike and spend the night.

    Once you have gained cultural enrichment and are ready to start walking, drive through the village of Korgen, up Leirskardalen (a side valley) to the final parking area called Tippen in Leirbotn, at an elevation of 650 meters above sea level. It is 27 km from Bjerka Bygdetun (a local farm museum) to the parking area, and you should allow approximately 45 minutes. The last 4.5 km is on a gravel road.

    From the parking area, walk a few hundred meters along a gravel road until you reach a marked trail leading up to Rabothytta. Upon arrival at the cabin, you will be warmly welcomed by the volunteer hosts. Sign the guestbook upon arrival and you will be assigned a reserved bed/room.

    At Rabothytta, everything is based on volunteering, with a number of persons (volunteers) keeping the cabin in good condition. As a guest, it is also expected that you contribute to the community. This includes leaving the bedrooms and common areas clean and ready for the next guest when you leave. Water and firewood are carried in as needed.

    Familiarize yourself with the cabin rules that apply to all DNT cabins. You can find the rules here.

    Welcome! Read more about Rabothytta here.

    Day 2
    After breakfast, you have plenty of time to explore the area around Rabothytta and Okstindan. Just outside the cabin, you can choose from several GPS-marked trails.

    You can take a hike to the lake Okstindtjønna, at an elevation of 1,020 meters, approximately 2 km from Rabothytta. From there, you can continue along the trail to Lønna, a small lake located at 753 meters above sea level, 4 km from Rabothytta. If you continue from there, you will reach the beautiful and green valley of Leirbotn.

    You can also take a trip to the edge of the glacier, where you can touch and feel the blue ice. Perhaps chip off a piece of ice for a drink in the evening?

    Upon request, it may be possible to arrange a guided tour on Okstindbreen itself. You will then hike with a certified guide and be provided with necessary safety equipment.

    Day 3
    Enjoy breakfast with the same beautiful view. Afterward, you need to pack and check out of your room. Clean the room and take your own trash with you. Leave the cabin as you would like to find it, clean and tidy for the next guest.

    The descent from Rabothytta back to the car is somewhat faster, but we recommend allowing plenty of time to enjoy the journey. Perhaps you’d like to take a swim in the lake Mørkbekktjønna below Steinbua (very special stony lodge) or at Melkarhella (parking area down by the uppermost farm at the top of the beautiful Leirskardalen.)

    If you have more time before the train departs, you can also explore a bit of Korgen town center or maybe take a trip up to the top of Korgfjellet (a mountain pass at level 555 meters) which is 9 km from Korgen. Here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Okstindan and visit the Korgfjellet Mountain Lodge. (recommended here is also a nice sauna with cooling outside pool)

    The car must be returned to Nordvik no later than 15:30. On the return journey, you can still enjoy the beautiful nature with views of fjords and mountains, but now from the train window.

  • Weather and Weather Conditions:
    Be aware that the weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, even during the summer. Therefore, make sure to stay updated on the weather forecast for the area.

    Duration of the trip:
    3 days – 48 hours

    Most of the hiking trail to Rabothytta does not have mobile coverage, but there is coverage at the cabin.

    Difficulty Level:
    Moderate – The trail is mostly easy to walk and well-marked. In a section of 400-500 meters along Mørkbekken, the trail crosses a somewhat demanding scree slope.

    The trail is 5 km long with an elevation gain of 500 meters. You should allow between 2-3 hours to reach Rabothytta, which is situated 1,200 meters above sea level. In some places, you will pass through a somewhat challenging scree slope, so proper footwear is important.

    Car Rental:
    The car is picked up at Nordvik, 150 meters from Bjerka train station, and includes a mileage limit of 150 km. On day three, the car must be returned to Nordvik by 15:30 to catch the train departing at 16:04. Parking at Tippen in Leirskardalen is free and marked with signs.

    Food Service:
    The food provided is prepared by HUSET Café and Motell. It is packed specifically for this trip in a way that allows for easy preparation. You will receive dinner, lunch, and breakfast for two days. The ingredients are mainly locally sourced.

    Norway’s eighth-largest glacier, but the eastern glacier, Austre Okstindbre, is believed to be our oldest glacier. It traces its roots back to our last ice age and is around 9,000 years old. It is not recommended to walk on the glacier on your own without glacier experience or the necessary equipment.

    The cabin can accommodate 30 overnight guests, is self-serviced, and is owned by Hemnes Turistforening. In 2020, it was named Norway’s finest unstaffed DNT cabin. It is located at an elevation of 1,200 meters in dramatic surroundings. Rabothytta is an unmanned DNT cabin that relies on voluntary efforts from members and volunteers. Learn more about the DNT concept here.

    Recommended clothing:
    – Windproof and waterproof pants/jacket
    – Woolen shirt
    – Woolen long johns
    – Underwear
    – Thick wool sweater/light down jacket
    – Fleece sweater
    – Woolen socks
    – Buff/neck gaiter
    – Hat
    – Mittens/gloves

    – Backpack
    – Sleeping bag liner (can be ordered together with the package)
    – Sunglasses
    – Battery charger

    – Hiking shoes, preferably Gore-Tex/waterproof with ankle support

    – Toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, lip balm, medication, blister plasters, etc.

  • Do you wish to combine packages in your journey?

    1. Prepare which stops you want to include in your package tour. Check the duration of the packages so you don’t overlap. The River Way and The Mountain Way are 2 nights, the rest are only 1 night.

    The train travels northbound, so the order of the stops is:
    Trondheim – Trofors – Mosjøen – Bjerka – Mo i Rana – Lønsdal – Bodø

    2. Go to “Order”, the green button in the bottom right corner, choose the date you wish to start this package and amount of travelers. When combining multiple stops, it’s important to choose the correct “version” when adding the package to your cart. The “version” decides which transportation distance you will include for this package. After choosing the correct «version», add the package it to your cart.

    3. All packages must have a “travel to”, meaning you must select the version that takes you to the activity. If you’re continuing to another stop/package from The River Way, you will book the train from Trofors to the next stop, in the next package when choosing the version. Navigate to the next package by scrolling down this page and clicking on the package you wish to explore.

    4. Last stop? Once you’ve added the package to your cart, make sure to select the train journey from this stop, either to Bodø or back to Trondheim. This is added under “Edit package” in the checkout.

    One-stop journey?

    1. Make sure to “edit package” in the checkout and add transportation to your end station.


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